Palermo beware of mistakes: final with Südtirol

The regular season ends tonight with the first “playoff”. A playoff involving three teams – Palermo, Brescia, and Sampdoria – competing for the sixth place in the final standings. The sixth place guarantees the advantage of playing the first playoff game at home and ensures that the sixth-placed team will advance to the next round even in case of a tie after extra time. The stakes are high. This week, every possible outcome has been analyzed and it is clear that Palermo must win against Südtirol to secure the sixth place. Otherwise, they will have to wait for the results of Sampdoria’s game in Catanzaro and Brescia’s game in Bari. The matches are different, as Sampdoria and Palermo are playing against teams with nothing to gain in terms of standings, while Brescia is facing a team fighting to avoid relegation.

Source: Carlo Brandaleone’s complete coverage in today’s edition of Giornale di Sicilia.

Palermo, guai a sbagliare: col Südtirol è una finale

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