Palermo bets on goal-scoring twins Brunori and Soleri for the big dream

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Perhaps Palermo has found its striking pair. Perhaps, because surprises are always around the corner and the certainty of certain choices is never so obvious, especially when dealing with a team that has seen tactical and personnel changes practically from week to week in this regard. However, given how things went against Ascoli and the affinity shown over the 83 minutes played together, Brunori and Soleri could be the designated striking partners to lead Palermo to conquer the sixth place that could then lead to the dream of promotion to Serie A.

The pair of Brunori and Soleri, the two players with the most appearances in the Palermo attacking department, could easily be defined as… new. Before the matches against Spezia and Ascoli, in fact, number 9 and number 27 had never played together from the start. The first time this season was at the Picco and it didn’t go very well, the second was on Sunday and the two strikers scored at the same time. Before Mignani’s arrival, Palermo played with a front three which did not involve the use of two strikers like Brunori and Soleri, except in emergency situations. Corini, in fact, used number 27 only to replace the captain of Palermo or, in emergencies, to accompany him in the final minutes of the game in search of goals to recover a match that may have gone wrong or needed more attacking weight. Since Mignani arrived, however, with the introduction of the 3-5-2 formation, the chances for Palermo’s strikers have certainly increased.

First and foremost to benefit from this change in formation was Mancuso. Number 7, in fact, was immediately chosen to help Brunori penetrate the opposing defenses and increase Palermo’s scoring percentages. This was actually achieved by the Palermo striker, who in his first start alongside Brunori had scored the temporary opening goal against Sampdoria. Then, another start, against Cosenza, and another good performance for Mancuso, who made himself dangerous already in the first half with a left-footed shot that hit the bottom of the crossbar. After that, some sterile initiatives in the following two games, against Parma and Reggiana, which brought no luck neither to Palermo nor to Mancuso, who was forced to give way to Soleri already for the trip to La Spezia.

Il Palermo punta sui gemelli del gol Brunori e Soleri per il grande sogno

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