Palermo at the top, Locanto confirmed as president of sports clubs consortium

Giorgio Locanto has been confirmed as president of Palermo al Vertice, the consortium that brings together all the most important clubs in the capital. The seasoned manager, owner of the Volo International Re Borbone volleyball company, was re-elected by acclamation at the end of the assembly held in the elegant “club house” of the Country on Via dell’Olimpo. Alongside Locanto in the new board, in office from 2024 to 2027, there will be Antonio Coglitore (Waterpolo), Oliviero Palma (Country Time Club), Tiziana Cilluffo (Asd Stella Basket) and Paolo Caracausi (Asd Piume d’Argento), also elected by acclamation. The general secretary is Massimo La Rosa (Club Scherma Palermo).

The elective assembly opened with President Locanto’s report detailing the activities and challenges faced over the past four years. During this period, dialogues with the Municipality of Palermo and the Sicilian Region regarding sports facilities and funding for sports clubs have intensified, while dialogue with Coni has never started, despite numerous attempts initiated but never shared by the entity. The president, while expressing bitterness, hopes to resume dialogue in the future. The assembly approved the report by acclamation, recognizing the need to improve news updates and enhance the image and marketing with the support of professionals.

Furthermore, the assembly approved the final balance sheet and ratified the admission of the Asd Olympia Palermo master swimming club to the consortium.

“It is a board that mixes experience and innovation,” said President Giorgio Locanto at the end of the meeting, “and I am confident that it will work with the right amount of enthusiasm, putting its competences at the service of the Consortium. There is much to be done because the problems to be solved are many, starting from the critical issues of the sports facilities sector, and the resources are always scarce. The goal is to continue to work together, to assert our rights and to give a future to sports in Palermo, which, despite boasting top-of-the-line excellences, struggles to find the right interlocutors and to dialogue with administrations.”

President Locanto also thanked all the members of the Consortium for their active participation and expressed gratitude to councilor Maria Mercedes Quintana (Aquademia Sincro) who, due to personal commitments, cannot continue the collaboration.

Palermo al Vertice, Locanto confermato presidente del consorzio dei club sportivi

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