Palermo ASP activates the last 6 territorial operational centers.

The Palermo Health Agency has completed the activation program of territorial operational centers, services provided by the Pnrr funded by the European Union and supporting the creation and consolidation of the health and social network aimed at meeting the health needs of the territory. “After the first 6 completed between March and April, this morning – says a note from Asp Palermo – another 6 Cot have become operational. They are located in fully renovated and repurposed premises of the “Presidio Pisani” in via La Loggia, in Palermo.

The territorial operational centers, operational in this first phase 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, (at full capacity they will be operational 24 hours a day), “guarantee and coordinate the care of fragile patients, intercepting the needs for treatment and assistance and ensuring continuity between hospital and territory.” They are organizational realities that do not directly interact with citizens, but coordinate activities to provide services to users. In addition to the Cot, the Palermo Health Agency with Pnrr funds is building a total of 10 community hospitals (one of which is already operational on an experimental basis in Petralia Sottana), 38 community houses, and a “safe and sustainable hospital”, identified in the Partinico hospital. The total investment is 93 million and 873 thousand euros.

Asp di Palermo, entrano in funzione le ultime 6 centrali operative territoriali

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