Palermo, Arci Porco Rosso hit again: proceeds stolen

After the theft last week, the Arci Porco Rosso club in Piazza Casa Professa was once again targeted by thieves. The owners of the venue reported it through their Facebook profile. “This morning (Tuesday, June 11th), less than a week later, we discovered that our club was once again broken into overnight. Fortunately, there was little to take: just a small amount of money from Monday’s daily activities. We are very upset by this situation in the city, where unfortunately we are not alone. To regain energy, soul, and finances, we will continue to keep our shutter open. We invite everyone to join us to be even closer, first by relaunching the event on Thursday, June 13th ‘Pork in the Neighborhood’. We are also planning a big end-of-season party in July with a raffle, music, food, and socializing. The proceeds from the closing night will be a big help in reacquiring the equipment from Ballarò Buskers made available for our fund-raising party, and always available for neighborhood events! Details to follow in the coming days.”

Palermo, nuovo colpo all’Arci Porco Rosso: rubato l’incasso

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