Palermo airport to undergo green transformation: Public spaces expanded with €68 million investment

In the next four years, Gesap, the management company of Palermo’s Falcone Borsellino International Airport, will invest over 68 million euros. This exceeds the 64 million euros invested in the 2020-2023 period and is part of a larger plan to spend over 250 million euros in the next ten years. The investments will include the renovation of the passenger terminal, the construction of a new departure baggage handling system, the replacement of boarding bridges, and the implementation of security measures such as radars and cameras. Gesap also plans to complete a project for the recovery and reuse of rainwater by 2024 to reduce water consumption. The company is satisfied with the increased passenger traffic and plans to attract an industrial partner soon. They also highlight the need for more flights to destinations such as Rome to reduce airfare costs.

Come cambierà l’aeroporto di Palermo, più verde e spazi al pubblico: investimenti per 68 milioni

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