Palermo, a drum as a tool for redemption

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A show that had the taste of a celebration: “The voice of the drum” was staged yesterday, in Palermo, at the theater of the comprehensive institute Sperone-Pertini, by 50 students who were happy and applauded by the audience with tears in their eyes. The event represented the final moment of the Siae and Mibact project dedicated to music and percussion, coordinated by the teachers and musicians of the school “La Bottega delle Percussioni”. “A project that does not arise by chance – explains the school principal Antonella Di Bartolo – rather it arises from the awareness that playing percussion in an orchestra is like finding one’s space, one’s time and sound in the general harmony. And it is metaphorical of what one tries to do in one’s own life.”

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Palermo, un tamburo come strumento di riscatto

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