Palermo: A Book Narrates 120 Years of Lauria Club

The volume celebrating the 120 years of the Club Canottieri Roggero di Lauria was presented in Palermo. The book includes unpublished stories and over two hundred photos, documenting the club’s history and achievements. Founded in 1902, the club’s main purpose has always been to promote water sports recognized by the Italian National Olympic Committee. In 2002, the club was honored with the Golden Collar for Sporting Merit by the Italian Olympic Committee. Many champions have been affiliated with the club, including the Bruni brothers, who are currently at the top of the world of sailing. The club is also actively involved in promoting sports and organizing social events in the community. The volume, which features anecdotes and 285 photos in over 140 pages, tells the story of the club and invites readers to learn about its rich history.

Palermo, un libro racconta i 120 anni del circolo Lauria

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