Palermo: 46 drivers to be hired through Rap, letters start May 8th

“On Wednesday 8 May, the job offer letters will be sent to the 46 drivers who won the competition at Rap,” said Giuseppe Todaro, president of the waste management company in Palermo, speaking at yesterday’s council meeting on 30 April, which approved the resolution on the increase in Tari.

“Next Tuesday we will proceed in the Board of Directors to approve the hiring resolution,” Todaro added. “We have also completed the process for another competition, that of 306 workers. We will soon proceed to hire the first 106.” In the coming weeks, the company will start separate collection in the North area of Palermo, which will gradually involve more than 200,000 people.

Palermo, alla Rap si sblocca l’assunzione di 46 autisti: l’8 maggio partono le lettere

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