Palermo, 20-year-old arrested for drug dealing at Zisa

The Carabinieri of the provincial command of Palermo arrested a twenty-year-old, already known to the authorities, for possession and trafficking of drugs. During an antidrug operation in the Zisa district, the troops noticed the alleged dealer and followed his movements, as he sold marijuana to three different buyers. Upon observing the exchange, the Carabinieri immediately intervened, arresting the suspect and identifying the buyers. A search of the young man’s home revealed nearly 80 grams of marijuana, divided into doses for retail sale, drug packaging materials, and 3700 euros in cash, believed to be from the illegal drug trade. The money and drugs were seized and sent to the analysis lab for verification. The arrest was validated, and the judge ordered the suspect to report to the judicial police.

Palermo, ventenne fermato mentre spaccia alla Zisa

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