Palermo: 19 people reported for illegal construction, 6 properties seized

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Sixty checks carried out, 6 properties seized, 19 individuals reported to the judicial authorities and 22 reported for administrative violations are the result of the control activities carried out last May by the municipal police of Palermo for violations of urban planning regulations in different areas of the city (Cruillas, Monte Pellegrino, Villaggio Santa Rosalia, Fondo Anfossi, Borgo Vecchio).

The agents of the building police unit, in fact, in order to guarantee the protection of the city’s architectural and urban heritage, carry out targeted interventions to repress unauthorized building activities through thorough controls throughout the municipal territory, on initiative and investigation delegation of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, for the safeguard of the environment and with the collaboration of the competent bodies.

Several irregularities have been found in recent weeks for works carried out illegally, without prior possession of authorizations and non-compliance with the imposed restrictions.

In particular, in via Cruillas, following a complaint, a building of about 45 square meters under construction was seized. In the same land, a preventive seizure of the perimeter wall, belonging to another owner, had already been issued.

In via Castellana Bandiera, the seizure was triggered for the construction, without authorizations, of a pool, after excavating the rocky slope of about 50 square meters.

In via Bartolomeo Tomasino, following a complaint, the occupation of an area of about 100 square meters, belonging to the Iacp, with a perimeter wall under construction was detected.

In via Zurigo, the extraordinary maintenance works, with an enlargement of about 45 square meters, of a property for which the company was found to be without a building permit, were stopped.

Finally, in via Dalia, a five-story building was seized, which was without the approval of the Civil Engineering Department and with a project different from the one attached to the Scia. In this case, both the site manager and the company owning the property were reported to the judicial authorities for the crime of forgery, as well as for building abuse.

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