Pachino’s new mayor is Gambuzza from the center-right: victory by ten votes

In Pachino, there was a close victory in the mayoral runoff election. Giuseppe Gambuzza, supported by the center-right and South calls North coalition, won with 50.06% of the votes, defeating Barbara Fronterrè of the center-left with a margin of ten votes. Gambuzza had 4,285 votes, while Fronterrè had 4,275. Gambuzza, a former president of the City Council, was supported by several political parties, while Fronterrè was backed by some center-left civic lists. The agreement between Forza Italia and part of the Pd was crucial for Gambuzza’s victory.

Pachino, il nuovo sindaco è Gambuzza del centrodestra: la vittoria è arrivata per dieci voti

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