Over 60,000 visitors expected at Expocook 2024 in Palermo; next year’s event will be held in Rome.

The article describes the success of Expocook 2024, a food expo held in Palermo, Italy, with over 60,000 visitors. The event showcased regional and national gastronomic excellence and featured cooking shows, competitions, and seminars. A highlight was the Expocook Pizza World Competition, where a 16-year-old contestant from Palermo won in the Neapolitan pizza category. The article also lists the winners of various pizza competitions and highlights a special contest for students from hospitality institutes. The article concludes with plans for Expocook 2025 to be held in Rome, while still acknowledging the importance of Palermo as a venue.

Palermo, oltre 60.000 visitatori a Expocook 2024: la fiera del gusto il prossimo anno si svolgerà a Roma

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