Orlando: Works at Mediterranean Fair in Palermo will be delivered on time

The works on the former Mediterranean Fair area, related to the 1st implementation contract of the Framework Agreement – PAPA 123 “Infrastructural interventions in the former Mediterranean Fair area”, are in the final stages. The completion of these works has allowed the use of pavilions 16, 20, and 20 A. Additionally, the 2nd implementation contract has been awarded and the project has been approved by the municipal council. This new phase of works includes the refurbishment of the Sirene square, central road, and maintenance of the pavilion used as a restroom (day hotel), as well as the repair of the damaged pavement of the southern area, maintenance and re-functionalization of entrances, main roads, and parking lots, including lighting systems. The expected completion time for these works is 270 days with a total budget of 2,633,178.13 euros. The city councilor for Public Works, Salvatore Orlando, stated that they will closely monitor the progress of the works to deliver them to the public on time and improve the conditions of the former Mediterranean Fair structures and services offered.

Lavori alla Fiera del Mediterraneo a Palermo, l’assessore Orlando: «Consegneremo le opere nei tempi previsti»

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