Organ retrieval from brain-dead donor in Catania respecting wishes to avoid forced treatments.

In the Intensive Care Unit at Garibaldi Hospital in Catania, Italy, a multi-organ donation was successfully performed on a deceased donor whose heart had stopped beating. This was made possible by the patient’s generosity and prior expression of his wish to not receive any forced therapeutic treatment in the event of a severe medical condition with irreversible brain damage. The family’s consent allowed for the donation of organs after cardiac death, including liver and corneas, even though the usual procedure involves donation from a brain-dead donor whose heart is still beating. The functionality of the harvested organs was ensured through careful management of the donor, aiming to limit ischemic damage through the use of extracorporeal circulatory support (ECMO) immediately after cardiac death was confirmed. Although this practice is more common abroad, it is only practiced in some regions of Italy, showcasing the complexity of the procedure. Sicily, in particular, has a specific program for patients with donation after cardiac death (DCD), increasing the pool of available organs. Garibaldi Hospital in Catania has become a leading center for DCD donations in Sicily, with this being their fifth successful donation in less than two years. The hospital attributes its success to strategic direction and collaboration with other medical centers. This case highlighted the high complexity and duration of the process, which involved the intensive care team at Garibaldi Hospital, demonstrating their ability to provide high-quality care while maintaining the dignity of the patient and their family. The collaborative effort involved various departments, including administration, intensive care, neurology, radiology, cardiology, and ophthalmology. The hospital expressed gratitude to all medical staff involved for their professionalism and teamwork.

A Catania prelievo multiorgano da donatore a cuore fermo: in vita aveva chiesto di evitare trattamenti forzati

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