Organ retrieval from a 77-year-old woman in Trapani

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Multiorgan retrieval in the Intensive Care Unit of Sant’Antonio Abate Hospital in Trapani, directed by Antonio Cacciapuoti. The doctors harvested liver, kidneys, and corneas from a 77-year-old brain-dead donor who had expressed consent for organ donation during her lifetime by renewing her identity card.

The delicate operation, which lasted about eight hours and ended on Sunday morning (March 24), was carried out by doctors from Ismett in Palermo with the support of an operating room team coordinated by Cristina Agozzino and assisted by coordinating nurse Ivan Paesano. The corneas were sent to the Eye Bank Foundation in Mestre.

“Deciding to donate a part of ourselves or our loved ones in a moment of extreme pain is an extraordinary act of love, an act of endless generosity that makes it possible to save more than one life. I extend my personal and deep gratitude to the family of this donor, and express my appreciation to the doctors and the entire multi-hospital medical team for their great professionalism that made the successful organ retrieval operation possible,” said the extraordinary commissioner of the Trapani Health Agency, Ferdinando Croce.

Trapani, prelievo multiorgano da una donna di 77 anni

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