Operation Checkmate: Cassation annuls Rosario Cascio’s conviction

For the third time, the second section of the Court of Cassation has overturned the conviction for mafia association against Rosario Cascio. This is the latest development in a legal battle stemming from a 2004 investigation by the Palermo Prosecution. Cascio was initially acquitted in 2011 but later convicted in 2012, only to have the conviction overturned and sent back for a new trial. The third trial, which was characterized by defense lawyers as irregular, resulted in yet another annulment of the conviction and a referral for a fourth appellate trial. Cascio’s defense team expressed satisfaction with the outcome, calling the case a unique and seemingly never-ending persecution. With Cascio now 90 years old, his lawyers hope that the fourth trial will finally bring an end to the legal battle.

Operazione Scacco Matto, la Cassazione annulla la condanna di Rosario Cascio

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