Oncologist’s name emerges in investigation of Messina Denaro supporters.

The name of oncologist Filippo Zerilli from Trapani emerges in the investigation into the network that protected Matteo Messina Denaro, which led to three arrests, including that of radiology technician Cosimo Leone from the hospital in Mazara del Vallo, accused of external complicity in mafia association. Leone allegedly expedited a CT scan for the cancer-stricken boss and then delivered the CD of a scan done on November 10, 2020 under a false identity while the boss was hospitalized. The disc was found and seized at the hideout in Campobello di Mazara after the mafia boss’s capture. Zerilli, who was rumored to be under investigation immediately after the boss’s arrest, is believed to be one of the doctors who met with the fugitive. The healthcare treatments received by Messina Denaro from his cancer diagnosis in November 2020 to his capture at a clinic in Palermo where he was undergoing chemotherapy are one of the focuses of the investigation by Ros and Palermo prosecutors. Leone was a central figure in “the delicate junction of the fugitive’s therapeutic path, specifically the initial oncological visit and the start of the diagnostic-therapeutic process,” demonstrating “ready and reliable support for the fugitive’s needs, such as in this case, the retrieval and delivery of the CT scan CD.”

Spunta il nome di un oncologo nell’inchiesta su fiancheggiatori di Messina Denaro

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