Official of the Revenue Agency arrested in Messina for corruption

A civil servant from the provincial branch of the Italian tax agency in Messina has been placed under house arrest, while two accountants have been suspended for 12 months from practicing their profession. The investigation, led by the Messina Prosecutor’s Office and carried out by the financial police, began with a complaint from a businessman who had applied for financial aid through a government relief decree during the Covid-19 pandemic. The official allegedly proposed a connection between the disbursement of the funds and sponsorships to a local amateur sports association of which he was the team manager. Further investigations revealed the involvement of two accountants who acted as intermediaries for the illicit requests, encouraging clients to provide sponsorships. These companies were also able to deduct the sponsorship expenses for tax purposes. The companies involved are also being investigated for improperly granting benefits and seeking unlawful advantages in administrative procedures. Additionally, the investigations exposed the fictitious nature of the sponsorships, as there was no evidence of any advertising activities by the sports association.

Concussione, arrestato a Messina un funzionario dell’Agenzia delle Entrate

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