No more problems on Corleone bridge in Palermo: work to finish next week

Next week, the Corleone bridge in the direction of Catania, on Viale Regione Siciliana in Palermo, will finally be free of construction work, as it has not been for years. The interventions will end and the lane will finally be open, allowing those leaving the Sicilian capital to reach the highway or other locations without slowdowns, queues, or traffic jams. There will be no more lane restrictions, everything will be completely open. ANAS, together with the extraordinary commissioner Maurizio Castiglioni, has been managing the situation for about two years. The work has currently shifted to the middle of the carriageway, with traffic restrictions in place until completion. In 2022, ANAS had planned twelve months of work by the company Steeleconcrete to repair the bridge structure at a cost of seven million euros. The work towards Catania was estimated to be completed by the end of the year, now scheduled for next week. Unfortunately, there will then be work on the other carriageway towards Trapani, starting the process over again.

Palermo, niente più disagi sul ponte Corleone: la settimana prossima la fine dei lavori

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