Nissena couple in Cogne denies sexual abuse allegations

The spouses originally from Caltanissetta who ended up in prison accused of sexual violence in collaboration against a 65-year-old man from Aosta responded to the questions of the judge by providing their version of the events. Their lawyer, Massimiliano Bellini, explained that they defended themselves by saying that the victim was consenting to the sexual relationships, nobody ever forced or raped him, nobody ever threatened him. The guarantee interrogation lasted just over an hour and a half. The lawyer requested for their release or, alternatively, house arrest, considering that they have no criminal record. The judge Davide Paladino reserved the decision.

According to the investigation by the carabinieri and the public prosecutor of Aosta, the couple – aged 57 and 64 – had rented one of the victim’s apartments in June 2023. Initially, they had friendly relations with the victim, but then the nightmare began. The abuses reportedly occurred even when the man begged the couple to stop, saying he had health problems. The threat was to spread the images of the abuse. The couple had also occupied the apartment and did not want to leave.

«Era consenziente ai rapporti sessuali», la coppia nissena nega gli abusi sul padrone di casa a Cogne

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