Nine municipalities in Nisseno left dry due to Fanaco breakdown

The water emergency continues, with 9 municipalities in the Nisseno area left without water yesterday morning (June 12, 2024) due to the interruption, by Siciliacque, of the water supply due to a fault at Fanaco. No water in the municipalities of Acquaviva Platani, Mussomeli, Campofranco, Sutera, Milena, Montedoro, Bompensiere, Sommatino, and Delia. The fault was fixed yesterday afternoon and the situation should normalize during the day. Meanwhile, a new meeting of the steering committee coordinated by the Prefecture of Caltanissetta took place yesterday. Gela, Caltanissetta, and San Cataldo will maintain the current supply standard until October thanks to interventions on the Ancipa.

The situation is more complicated in the coastal areas of Butera, De Susino, Tenutella, and Falconara, where there are also accommodation facilities and several cases of theft and illegal connections are reported. The pipeline is also being stolen in the section that carries water from Ragoleto, in the Ragusano area, to tanks managed by the Bioraffineria. To cope with the current water shortage, Caltaqua has emphasized that two new wells available near Ragoleto could be used. The goal is to maintain about 100 liters per second from the Ragoleto dam at least until autumn.

A complete story by Donata Calabrese in today’s edition of the Giornale di Sicilia in newsstands.

Nove comuni del Nisseno a secco per un guasto al Fanaco

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