Night of terror in Catania for a woman, narrowly escapes sexual assault after leaving the nightclub

Two men, aged 35 and 45, were arrested by the police in Catania for attempted sexual assault, kidnapping, and robbery against a woman after spending an evening together in a nightclub. The intervention of the officers, in Via Vincenzo Giuffrida, on the morning of March 9th, was prompted by a passerby who had noticed the victim on the street, asking for help because she had been the victim of attempted sexual assault by two individuals. Police personnel traced the house where the attempted attack took place, and the two men inside were arrested. The judge has already validated the measure.

Inside the apartment, where the forensic police were also called in, numerous bottles of alcohol and traces of drugs, presumably cocaine and crack, were found. The two men were taken to the police station by patrol officers for further investigation and to reconstruct what happened. The victim had endured a night of terror following an evening that began in a nightclub and ended in the possession of the thirty-five-year-old, where, likely due to the abuse of alcohol and drugs, the situation escalated. The attempts at sexual assault and physical attacks forced the woman to flee into the street. One of the men had also taken the money from the victim’s purse and destroyed her phone, possibly to prevent her from seeking help.

The victim, after completing medical examinations at the emergency room of a city hospital, was discharged with a prognosis of 15 days for the injuries sustained.

The two men were arrested for attempted sexual assault, kidnapping, robbery, and vandalism. The thirty-five-year-old is also charged with resisting a public official for attacking the police. On the orders of the Catania Prosecutor’s Office, the two men were taken to prison. The judge validated their arrest and issued them with the measure of pretrial detention in prison.

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