Nicita (Pd) urges government to address water crisis in Sicily

The article talks about the urgent need for the government to take action to address the serious economic, social, and environmental crisis that the Region of Sicily is facing due to persistent drought. The water deficit in some areas has reached 60% of annual precipitation, causing difficulties in the agricultural and livestock sectors. The senator Antonio Nicita has submitted an urgent inquiry to the relevant ministers, calling for immediate intervention to address the water scarcity crisis. Additionally, he mentions concerns raised by the tourism sector and the struggling dialysis centers in the region. The article also highlights the government’s rejection of an amendment that would allocate 800 million euros to address the drought emergency in Sicily and Sardinia. The senator urges the ministers to recognize the need for urgent action to address the problems facing Sicily.

Emergenza siccità, Nicita (Pd): «Il governo affronti la crisi idrica in Sicilia»

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