New stone-throwing against a municipal police car in Palermo

New stone-throwing against a municipal police car in Palermo. It happened in via Carmelo Lazzaro, just steps away from the Civico hospital. The patrol of municipal police officers who had stopped near a dumpster set on fire was hit. The windows of the car shattered and the bodywork was damaged. Just like what happened last night (March 18) during the ambush on a traffic police patrol in the Brancaccio district, the officers were unharmed.

“It is no longer tolerable what is happening to law enforcement and especially against the municipal police,” says Nicola Scaglione, general secretary of Csa Cisal. “We will no longer tolerate these aggressions. Our actions in the city will not retreat by a millimeter. We will not be intimidated by these actions that have hit our command in just 24 hours. We stand in solidarity with our colleagues who have fallen victim to these aggressions that affect the entire municipal police force of Palermo.”

Palermo, nuova sassaiola contro un’auto della polizia municipale

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