New rules on timesharing: Palermo may now compete in UEFA without restrictions

City Group will be able to also have Palermo in UEFA competitions, as long as it is a different tournament than the one in which Manchester City or Girona will participate (the Champions League). A remote and perhaps distant scenario. But for Palermo fans, the issue of shared ownership represented a real dilemma. At least until the European Football Federation modified the regulations following the introduction of the new format for the Champions League, Europa League, and Conference League (the three UEFA competitions).

Before, there was no possibility for Palermo, in the future (which fans hoped would not be too far away), to participate in the most prestigious tournaments in European football. The same group of shareholders could not have more than one club in these competitions. We are talking about Manchester City, now firmly in the Champions League and one of the strongest teams in the world (winner of the last edition).

This is because, even in the case of participation in different competitions, the old format allowed for a club to be relegated to a lower tournament: the third-placed team in the Champions League group would be relegated to the Europa League and could face “cousin” clubs belonging to the same ownership (City Group, for example). In essence, the impossibility for two teams admitted to different competitions to face each other in their European journey “eliminated” the problems related to shared ownership.

The same could not be said for two clubs controlled by the same shareholder and present – for example – one in the Champions League and one in the Europa League. This is because the intersection between the competitions (the third-placed teams in the Champions League moved to the Europa League) posed the risk of a clash between clubs of the same ownership. With the new format, this scenario is no longer possible because the transition from one UEFA competition to another is no longer possible within the same season. Shared ownership will therefore be tolerated even for teams that will take part in adjacent competitions: the Champions League and the Europa League or the Europa League and the Conference League. Palermo, in a future that with City Group is imagined to be as prestigious as possible, will be able to participate in European competitions even with the presence of Girona and Manchester City.

Nuove regole sulla multiproprietà, ora il Palermo potrebbe giocare nelle competizioni Uefa senza vincoli

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