New raid in Palermo historic center: windows smashed on Via Fiume.

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Still broken windows, still vandalized cars in the historic center of Palermo. This night (between March 24th and 25th) in Via Fiume, the windows of a Jeep were smashed: another episode, which will cost hundreds of euros to the owner of the vehicle. The glass shards have invaded the street and the interior, which was thoroughly searched by the perpetrator. As often happens, nothing was really touched. These acts of vandalism are committed by drug addicts who gravitate in the Ballaró area, who, in order to collect the few euros needed to access crack doses, hope to collect the coins left behind.

The incursions also have the alternative goal of collecting, in the worst case scenario, some objects to resell. With the aim of using the proceeds to buy from the pushers of Ballarò.

“We are at a breaking point – many residents complain – we have been saying this for months, we can’t go on like this. It is a significant economic burden, we are cyclically forced to dip into our wallets.” In the area of Via Torino, Via Pavia and Via Triste, streets among the most affected by the phenomenon along with Via Fiume, there has been talk for some time of relying on private security.

“It has been years since this situation has been going on,” attacks Antonio Nicolao, vice president of the First District – and there are no real initiatives like an increase in prevention by law enforcement. At this point, in the next meeting of the group united for the neighborhood, considering that the State is unable to provide the requested and reported security, I will propose to consider the possibility of prevention carried out by private individuals.”

Palermo, nuovo raid nel centro storico: finestrini spaccati in via Fiume

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