New evidence against surveyor Andrea Bonafede, who lent his identity to Messina Denaro: verdict postponed

The prosecutor’s office in Palermo has submitted new evidence against Andrea Bonafede, the surveyor from Campobello di Mazara who allegedly provided his identity to the Castelvetrano boss Matteo Messina Denaro and is now on trial for mafia association. The judge, who was supposed to issue the verdict today, has postponed it to May 20th after considering the prosecution’s evidence.

According to the elements collected by the magistrates – with the accusation supported by prosecutor Piero Padova – it emerged that Bonafede had been at the disposal of the mafia boss long before his arrest in January 2023.

The Prosecutor’s Office, investigating another alias of the mafia boss, architect Massimo Gentile, who allegedly provided his identity to the boss to buy a car in 2014, discovered that the vehicle was registered in the name of Bonafede’s mother in 2017, indicating that there were already relationships between the surveyor and the godfather. Moreover, the first house in Campobello di Mazara where Messina Denaro lived was rented in the name of Andrea Bonafede in 2007. The former partner of the defendant told investigators that the surveyor never lived in the apartment, as he lived with her despite paying the rent. This circumstance, according to investigators, proves that the boss actually lived in the property, as witnesses had spotted him near the house 5 years before his capture.

Nuove prove contro il geometra Andrea Bonafede che prestò la sua identità a Messina Denaro: rinviato il verdetto

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