New De Gasperi stop on Palermo’s commuter rail line to be activated in July

The new De Gasperi stop on the Palermo railway will be activated on July 1st. The news was confirmed by a circular from Rfi (Italian Railway Network), which is finalizing the remaining work to give the green light. In July, therefore, the service for travelers should start, with Trenitalia and the Region announcing the activation of the stop in the coming days, when all interventions will be completed. The end of the preparatory works should take place by June 30th.

In recent weeks, the workers have been busy installing poles, access stairs to the tracks and escalators, lighting, while now they are working on the external areas, those on Via Monte Iblei, where a cycle-pedestrian path will also be built, among other things. All of this is being done to make the stop accessible to the public.

The De Gasperi stop, let’s remember, will precede the France stop on the railway line towards the airport, and will serve a very large portion of residents.

The structure, left unfinished after the contractual termination with Sis, is currently entrusted to the company Europea 92 S.p.A. for an amount of about 10.5 million euros based on a new contract, awarded in October 2021, with work that was supposed to be completed by 2023 but has been postponed, as often happened with the railway, to the end of June. The inconveniences for residents, especially those on Via Monte Iblei, have not been few in these years of work, but now everything should be coming to a conclusion.

Passante ferroviario di Palermo, la nuova fermata De Gasperi sarà attivata a luglio

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