Naval Day in Catania: Honors and Commemorations

In the article, it is explained that on the Day of the Navy, a representation of the Anmi Group of Catania Admiral Antonino Toscano participated in a ceremony at the harbor captaincy for the flag raising and the reading of messages from the Minister of Defense Guido Crosetto and the Chief of Defense Staff Admiral Cavo Dragone. Additionally, awards were given to the staff by the commander of the Maritime Directorate of Catania Rear Admiral (CP) Antonio Ranieri. Following this, the Anmi Groups of Catania and Acireale went to the Monument to the Fallen of the Sea in Catania to commemorate the brave feat of two small Navy boats (MAS 15 and MAS 21). The ceremony included the flag raising, a wreath laying at the monument, a reading of the 1918 Premuda feat by councilor Daniele Lo Porto, and the recitation of the Sailor’s Prayer by member Enzo Saitta. A moment was also dedicated to the daughter of heroic Admiral Luigi Rizzo, Maria Guglielmina Rizzo Bonaccorsi, who recently passed away at the age of 100. The ceremony was attended by Commander Mario Dolci, a former National Counselor, and a representation of Angv (National Association of War Volunteers).

Giornata della marina militare, a Catania onorificenze e commemorazioni

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