Mystery in Scicli: Victim with facial wounds and blood on walls

Carabinieri from the Ris arrived at the house on Via Manenti in Scicli at 1:45 pm, called to try to reveal the cause of death of Giuseppe Ottaviano, 40 years old, from Scicli, found dead yesterday evening (12 May 2024) in his house under still mysterious circumstances. The carabinieri’s investigations started from the stairs, where there appear to be traces of blood, and will continue to the bedroom where the man’s body was found. The area adjacent to the house is off-limits and guarded by the soldiers of the weapon, coordinated by the commander of the Modica company, Francesco Zangla. The victim had wounds on his face, head, and nose. Blood on the walls of the house would suggest the presence of more people in the house at the time of the man’s injury, which was later revealed to be fatal. According to some accounts from neighbors, Ottaviano parked his Audi Q3 on Saturday night and did not come out anymore. Last night, some relatives of the man turned to the carabinieri, who discovered the body. The Ragusa Prosecutor’s Office will order the autopsy and related toxicological tests. The investigation is being coordinated by the substitute prosecutor Silvia Giarrizzo, who has entrusted the role of medical examiner to Dr. Giuseppe Algieri.

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