Myagents Unicredit coordination born in Palermo

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“I My Agents in Unicredit are agents registered with the Oam, the organization that manages the lists of financial agents and credit mediators, and have an exclusive self-employment relationship as financial agents with Unicredit.” This is stated by Gabriele Urzì, national manager of Fabi and provincial secretary of Fabi Palermo.

“These workers – he adds – have a commission-based remuneration and in Palermo and its province there are more than twenty of them with three financial shops operating in the area. Through Oam, Fabi is able to interact at all levels. These promoters play an essential role in Unicredit, not in competition but in synergy with the employees of the commercial network. We are aware of the issues and opportunities that characterize the sector and we will work so that this category of workers is put in the best conditions to carry out their work as much as possible in harmony with all the Bank’s employees in order to maximize the results. My Agents – concludes Urzì – carry out an activity that does not overlap with that of the Unicredit network but represents an added value by often intercepting business that branches would not be able to collect.”

Palermo, nasce il coordinamento Myagents Unicredit

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