Murder-suicide in Palermo: Delia shot four times, a gunshot wound on wife’s body

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Four bullet holes in the body of Pietro Delia, in the chest and arm, two on Laura Lupo, one to the head. These are the first indications of the forensic doctor on the bodies of husband and wife, found dead in via Notarbartolo, in Palermo, this morning after the alarm of the daughter, who had no news of them anymore. Firefighters, opening the door, found the bodies of the two spouses: he was called Pietro Delia, a chartered accountant and collaborator of a bank, he was 66 years old; she was Laura Lupo, a 62-year-old municipal police officer. Everything suggests that it is a murder-suicide. In fact, there are no signs of forced entry on doors and windows, not even other signs that someone could have entered from the outside and could simulate a murder-suicide case. More answers will come with the results of the autopsy, which will take place next week, ordered by the Prosecutor on both bodies, which have been transferred to the Institute of Forensic Medicine of the Policlinico. The investigations are being carried out by the carabinieri who are conducting the surveys. The men of the Crispi station and the San Lorenzo carabinieri company, led by Captain Simone Calabrò, intervened. The house is located in the building at number 49 of Via Emanuele Notarbartolo, next to Piazza Matteo Maria Boiardo, where the Notarbartolo station and the tram terminus are located. The Albero Falcone, in front of the building where the judge lived, is three blocks away.

L’omicidio-suicidio a Palermo: Delia raggiunto da quattro colpi di pistola, un foro in testa sul corpo della moglie

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