Motorcyclist Salvo Sallustro overcomes fear to achieve first Manx GP finish

Salvo Sallustro, the newly crowned national CIVS Naked champion, has completed his first Manx GP in the Isle of Man, adding another medal to his already impressive collection. Despite finishing in 37th place out of 56 participants, Sallustro’s achievement is significant considering the extreme difficulty of the 60.72 km course, which is notorious for its brutality. During the race, Sallustro faced an unexpected accident when another rider crashed into him, sending both flying off the track. Fortunately, help arrived promptly, and despite his injuries, Sallustro managed to pass the medical examinations and finish the race. He praised his team’s preparation and expressed gratitude towards everyone who supported him in achieving this important result. Now, Sallustro will focus on recovering from his injuries to continue his racing career.

Motociclismo, paura per Salvo Sallustro che taglia il traguardo del suo primo Manx GP

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