Mondello: Assembly of the Ferris Wheel Begins, Inauguration Tomorrow

The construction of the Ferris wheel in Mondello, a seaside village in Palermo, is almost complete. The company in charge, Hsc Events, has been granted about 300 square meters of public land until September 24th. The assembly is expected to be finished tonight, including the lighting. The structure is located in the pedestrian area of viale Regina Elena and is 32 meters high with a 30-meter diameter wheel. There will be 24 cabins on the circumference, each at a distance of 4 meters, with a capacity of 6 people, totaling 144 seats. The Ferris wheel will open daily from 11am to 1am and will cost €10 for adults and €8 for children under 120 centimeters tall. It will be a new attraction for Mondello, and its inauguration will take place on Saturday evening. The company that owns the structure has already installed a Ferris wheel in Cefalù, which is only 2 meters taller (34 meters), and another one in San Vito Lo Capo last season.