Misterbianco car overturns on state road: woman in serious condition

A woman was injured in a car accident along the Catania-Enna State Road, near Misterbianco. The woman is in serious condition at the San Marco Hospital in Catania. The accident occurred yesterday morning, April 1st, just before 6 am. The carabinieri intervened on the scene to ascertain the causes of the accident, and the firefighters were called to secure the car and the road. The Fiat Punto on which the woman was traveling overturned.

Other accidents occurred in the province of Catania in the previous days. On State Road 284 in the territory of Paternò, a Volkswagen T-Roc and a high-displacement scooter crashed. The impact occurred along the Adrano-bound lane just before 9:30 pm on Thursday evening. The worst was the driver of the two-wheeler wearing a helmet. The motorcyclist was taken to the hospital. The family traveling in the car was unharmed but in shock. Traffic experienced heavy delays for several hours.

Another accident occurred on Thursday evening on the Catania bypass, towards Syracuse, in a tunnel, between the San Gregorio and Gravina di Catania exits. Three cars were involved, including a Fiat 500 with a 25-year-old pregnant woman trapped between the metal and suffering lower limb fractures. The other cars carried a lady with two children and an elderly couple with a third person. On Friday morning in Catania, two cars collided along Viale Kennedy. One of them hit a wall, flipping over. Three people were injured.

Misterbianco, l’auto si ribalta sulla Statale: in gravi condizioni una donna

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