Migrants, Hundreds of Arrivals between Lampedusa and Augusta

182 refugees were rescued off the coast of Lampedusa, Italy, by the coast guard and finance guard yesterday. The migrants, mostly from sub-Saharan Africa, spoke mostly French and some wore crucifixes around their necks. They were tired and grateful for the support from NGOs and interpreters at the dock. Later, a small boat carrying 36 people arrived directly on the coast and they were transferred to an immigration center. The center, which usually hosts around 300 people, currently has over 2,300 guests. The arrival of tens of thousands of migrants from Tunisia and Libya is expected in the coming weeks. Another 49 refugees arrived in the port of Augusta on a ship, including two potential smugglers. Two boats brought 200 migrants to Pozzallo in the afternoon. The migrants were provided with food and medical assistance.

Migranti, centinaia di arrivi fra Lampedusa e Augusta

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