Midiri, Rector of Palermo University Prison Polo: “A team of professionals supporting detainees”

The article highlights the opportunity for incarcerated individuals to pursue education and obtain a degree as a means of redemption. Over the past three years, the Penitentiary University Hub at the University of Palermo has seen around fifty enrollments, with nine departments involved and a support team of mentors, senior tutors, and student tutors for incarcerated students. Thanks to the renewal of the agreement on Penitentiary University Hubs, collaboration between the Sicilian Region and the University of Palermo will continue until 2027, including Catania and Messina universities and the involvement of regional authorities.

The University of Palermo has set up dedicated study rooms in penitentiary institutions, provided additional computers and educational materials, waived university fees, and provided support from tutors and professionals to facilitate interaction between faculty and incarcerated students. Various academic fields have been popular among the students, with an emphasis on Agricultural Sciences, Law, Political Science, Humanities, Culture, Architecture, Psychology, Education, Engineering, and Biological Sciences.

The University has also engaged in projects such as seminars on Identity in Movement, an international Graffiti Art in Prison initiative resulting in a documentary aired on Sky Arte, and educational activities utilizing historical archives under the guidance of Professor Mario Varvaro. The commitment to providing education and support to incarcerated individuals reflects the University’s dedication to promoting rehabilitation and access to education for vulnerable populations.

Polo universitario penitenziario di Palermo, il rettore Midiri: «Una squadra di professionisti a supporto dei detenuti»

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