Messina sentenced to 24 years for killing ex-girlfriend

The Court of Appeal of Reggio Calabria sentenced 31-year-old Cristian Ioppolo to 24 years for the murder of Alessandra Musarra, ratifying an agreement between the prosecution and the defense, represented by lawyer Alessandro Billè. Musarra, Ioppolo’s ex-girlfriend, was found dead in her home on March 7, 2019, in contrada Campolino di Santa Lucia sopra Contesse in Messina. The boyfriend allegedly suffocated the young woman out of jealousy.

In the first instance, Ioppolo had been sentenced to life imprisonment, and then the judges at the Court of Appeal in Messina in May 2022 had confirmed the sentence, including provisional measures, and ordered compensation for the civil parties. The Court of Cassation then in September 2023 annulled the sentence of life imprisonment, referring the case back to a new trial in Reggio Calabria only to assess the presence of the aggravating circumstance of “vile and trivial motives.”

The parties reached an agreement for a 24-year sentence.

Messina, uccise la ex fidanzata: condannato a 24 anni

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