Messina, high on drugs, crashes into three cars with a Maserati: license was revoked

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A fifty-year-old man from Messina, at dawn yesterday morning (21 giguno), driving a Maserati Levante, hit three vehicles in the area of Viale Gazzi, in the city of the Strait, and left the vehicle semi-destroyed near Via Consolare Valeria.

According to the initial investigations of the municipal police, the man, already known to law enforcement, first hit two parked vehicles at the intersection between Via Adolfo Celi and Viale Gazzi and then crashed into a third vehicle. When the car he was driving was no longer able to continue the crazy race, the fifty-year-old abandoned it. Thanks to a call to 112, law enforcement officers arrived on the scene, reconstructed the events, and tracked down the driver, subjecting him to alcohol and drug tests. The fifty-year-old tested negative for alcohol but positive for cannabinoids and cocaine. He was charged with driving under the influence of drugs and without a license: it had been revoked due to expiration.

Messina, sotto effetto di droga investe tre auto con la Maserati: aveva la patente revocata

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