Messina, dinner is over they leave without paying the bill: after the complaint, they return to settle

The owner of a restaurant in Messina, Italy, Maria Carlotta Andreacchio, recently took to social media to publicly shame customers who dined at her establishment and left without paying the bill. In her post, Andreacchio expressed her frustration and disappointment at the outdated behavior of skipping out on the bill in 2023, especially since the act was premeditated while the couple was dining with their young daughter. However, shortly after her post gained attention, the customers returned to the restaurant and paid their bill. Andreacchio later revealed that the reasons behind their actions were personal. While grateful for the support she received, the restaurant owner hopes that this incident will discourage others from engaging in such disrespectful behavior.

Messina, finita la cena vanno via senza pagare il conto: dopo la denuncia tornano a saldare

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