Messina Denaro: A Glimpse into the Everyday Life of an Average Man, from Waiting in line at the Bank to Buying a Car and Health Checks

The article talks about the ordinary life led by Matteo Messina Denaro, the most wanted mafia boss in Italy, thanks to a network of accomplices. Recently, three more of his associates have been arrested, bringing the total to 14 since his capture in January. The article details how Messina Denaro purchased a car using a fake ID and forged documents, paid for it with a combination of cash and a cashier’s check, and insured it under someone else’s name. It also mentions his dealings with his accomplices in the medical field, including receiving medical treatment with the help of one of his associates. The article sheds light on how Messina Denaro managed to lead a normal life despite being on the run for three decades.

La fila in banca, l’acquisto dell’auto e i controlli sanitari: Messina Denaro, la vita quotidiana di un uomo qualunque

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