Messina attempts to enter the emergency room and stabs a security guard.

This morning around 6.30, at the Piemonte hospital in Messina, a security guard from the vigilance company Ksm was stabbed in the arm by a 40-year-old man who demanded access to the emergency room to visit a friend. When the medical staff denied the man access, the situation escalated and the attacker pulled out a knife, stabbing the security guard. The victim was assisted by medical staff, who had to apply 40 stitches.

This was reported by the national president of the association of security guards, Giuseppe Alviti. The carabinieri, who intervened promptly, managed to track down the perpetrator and are analyzing the images recorded by the surveillance cameras. According to Alviti, there is a need for “greater operational protections for security guards, such as the obligation to work in pairs.”

Messina, tenta di entrare al pronto soccorso e accoltella una guardia giurata

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