Melilli’s Orthopedics Clinic: Among Italy’s Top Facilities

Villa Salus, a hospital in Sicily, has been ranked as one of the top healthcare facilities in Italy for musculoskeletal care. According to the analysis by the National Outcomes Program 2023, the hospital is among the 28 out of 338 facilities that have achieved a “very high” level of quality. The hospital, which is part of the Antofin Group, is credited with 190 beds and is considered a point of excellence not only for Sicily but for the entire country. The hospital’s Orthopedics and Traumatology Unit, led by Emanuele Lombardo, has been praised for its operational efficiency in providing care for musculoskeletal conditions. This success is attributed to the dedicated staff, including the medical team and operating room coordinators.

Ortopedia, una clinica di Melilli tra le migliori strutture in Italia

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