Mediobanca Premier opens new Wealth branch in Palermo

A new banking reality has recently emerged in the local landscape. We are talking about Mediobanca Premier, the bank dedicated to managing the savings and investments of Italian families, with a particular interest in professionals and entrepreneurs. For the first time, the prestigious brand of Mediobanca, the institute founded in 1946 by Raffaele Mattioli and Enrico Cuccia and always the financial partner of large and medium-sized Italian companies, appears on the street through Mediobanca Premier, a new brand that combines two valuable assets. On one hand, Mediobanca’s over 70 years of expertise in financial markets, on the other hand, CheBanca’s experience, which in 15 years has traced a path of evolution and growth, supported today by an excellent digital and multichannel platform and a qualified offer of wealth management and consultancy. Today (May 13, 2024), in the presence of the Deputy General Manager and Central Commercial Director Gianluca Talato, Area Manager Salvatore Fisicaro, and Branch Manager Antonio Messina, the new Wealth branch in Palermo was inaugurated on Via della Libertà, 26. The branch stands out, in addition to the new logo, for its elegance, privacy, and functionality in consultancy activities, in line with the focus on wealth management, at the center of Mediobanca Premier’s model. However, this is not just a rebranding, but a new ambitious project, as testified by Area Manager Salvatore Fisicaro: “With Mediobanca Premier, we will target a higher bracket of clients through the development of a new offer and the use of a brand that is very attractive to customers and industry professionals. We aim to reach clients with assets above 500,000 euros, whether they are families, professionals, or entrepreneurs. To meet their needs, we will leverage all the skills of the Mediobanca Group. I refer primarily to the synergies with the Corporate & Investment Banking, fundamental to become attractive to entrepreneurial clients.” “Our presence in Palermo and the region,” comments Gianluca Talato, Deputy General Manager and Central Commercial Director, “confirms the interest in a territory that hosts not only leading multinational companies but also a thriving network of small and medium-sized enterprises and artisan workshops. We are talking about approximately 70,000 family businesses in the region, in addition to almost 200,000 VAT numbers that we can currently support in the best choices for managing personal and business assets, thanks to an absolute level Wealth Management platform. Currently, we are present in Palermo with a network of 6 bankers and 22 financial consultants, and with two bank branches, including a Wealth branch, in addition to two financial consultant offices, all in Palermo. But we do not exclude strengthening our presence.” Talato concludes: “Our focus on high-end clients is guaranteed by substantial investments not only in new products and services as well as through new openings and the inclusion of new colleagues, but also in the continuous commitment to innovation, always a defining trait of our DNA. Further confirmation is the recent launch of the Premier Business platform: specifically designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, it allows integrating various functionalities, from daily management to the operation of investment and credit products, as well as enabling remote collaboration between advisor and client.”

Mediobanca Premier apre la nuova filiale Wealth di Palermo

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