Mazzarino bar suspends for three days after hosting criminals

The Carabinieri executed a measure suspending the license to serve food and beverages at the “Bar 2000” in Mazzarino, located on Vittorio Emanuele Street. The measure, pursuant to Article 100 of the Tulps law, was issued by the police chief of Caltanissetta.

The request for suspension was made by the territorial Carabinieri unit of Gela in January 2024. The reason for the suspension of the authorization is that the bar has become a frequent meeting place for convicted and dangerous individuals, therefore posing a risk to public order and the safety of citizens. The suspension of the license to serve food and beverages will last for three days starting today, Thursday, April 4, 2024.

Mazzarino is a small town in the Nisseno region. Its economy is primarily based on agriculture and livestock farming, mainly due to the natural characteristics of its territory. In this context, one of the factors that has raised significant social alarm, exacerbated by chronic unemployment, is the consumption and trafficking of drugs, particularly among the younger population. Local criminality has taken advantage of this social context to infiltrate and spread.

In this scenario, social gathering places play a vital role. These places can easily transform into dangerous hubs of criminal activity sought out by common and organized criminals among the young and less cautious individuals, including the patrons of the aforementioned “meeting place.” The issuance of this measure represents not only a guarantee of safety for citizens but also protection for the businesses themselves.

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