Mayors revolt in Fulgatore and Segesta against radioactive waste

Trapani says no to the national deposit of radioactive waste. Fulgatore and Segesta are in the list of suitable sites to host the only large national deposit where 91,000 cubic meters of radioactive waste will be “dumped”. It is estimated that 45,000 will be produced in the coming years, while the remaining 35,000 will need to be buried for 300 years. This is the time necessary to bring radioactivity to negligible levels. The lands of Fulgatore and Segesta, where currently the view is lost in the vineyards, are in the map of suitable sites drawn up by Sogin, the ministerial body in charge. Places where it is planned to bury 60% of those produced by the dismantling of nuclear plants and, for the remaining 40%, generated by applications in nuclear medicine, industry, and research.

Leading the way are Giacomo Tranchida and Francesco Gruppuso, mayors of Trapani and Calatafimi – Segesta, together with colleagues from across the province. Saying no are also industry organizations, from Confindustria to the tourist and, above all, agri-food sector. “We say no because the industry we want for the future of our countryside, – explains Tranchida – is that of recovery, requalification, and the agri-food chain, of excellent products.

We have a strategic ally, despite the drought: the sun. Our products, the historic crops of vineyards, olive groves, organic crops, have that extra something that also makes taste a typification. The Mediterranean diet is UNESCO heritage and also belongs to these lands that are dedicated to being the object of further improved bio productions in the agri-food chain. This also means employment, development, and landscape protection.”

The complete article by Anna Restivo is on sale today in the Giornale di Sicilia.

No ai rifiuti radioattivi, sindaci in rivolta a Fulgatore e Segesta

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