Mayors alarmed after indefinite closure of waste dump in Lentini.

The only certain thing, at the moment, is that there is no time to waste: the latest stumble of the waste system in Sicily, this time staged in Lentini after the déjà vu of Bellolampo, Trapani, and Siculiana, must be addressed as soon as possible, by tomorrow or at the latest next Tuesday with an ordinance from Governor Schifani. Otherwise, following the indefinite closure of the mechanical and biological Treatment plant (Tmb) in contrada Coda volpe – on the input of the judge of Catania and the regional Territorial department awaiting the definition of the EIA, the environmental impact assessment – for the 200 municipalities that dispose of undifferentiated waste from one end of the island to the other in Siracusa will be an emergency. So much so that the respective mayors are already on high alert. The remedy is still to be perfected, but there is also a certainty here: the garbage treated in Lentini, and until a few hours ago sent across the Strait with tariffs of 380 euros per ton for the municipal coffers, will end up in other plants in Sicily.

The full article by Andrea D’Orazio in the Giornale di Sicilia is out today.

La discarica di rifiuti a Lentini, sindaci in allarme dopo la chiusura a tempo indeterminato

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