Mayor of Palermo admits lack of controls on the white list of Ztl

The article explains that the issue of the white list of the Limited Traffic Zone has revealed a lack of accurate control over access to the list in recent years, leading to autonomous management by permit applicants. This has likely resulted in an increase in the number of cars on the white list. During a meeting, it was found that there are no deficiencies in regulations or disciplinary measures up to the latest version in 2022. The Mayor of Palermo, Roberto Lagalla, stated that there has been a failure to fully respect these measures in practice, leading to unauthorized entries by external parties. The municipal administration is working with Amat to restore the original function of the white list in terms of fairness and sustainability, in order to prevent discrimination against residents and workers within the ZTL perimeter. The ZTL was created to protect the environment and public health, and reduce traffic congestion in the historic center. Amat has been tasked with conducting thorough checks on accreditation requirements for the white list by different institutional entities to prevent abuses or inaccuracies.

Il sindaco di Palermo ammette: sono mancati i controlli sulla lista bianca della Ztl

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