Mayor Gullo of Lipari: “Those who do not pay taxes risk losing their business license”

The Gullo administration has approved a new regulation on taxes, and those who do not pay them risk losing their business license. In the Aeolian Islands, there is immediate controversy raised by the minority group led by Gaetano Orto.

On Tuesday, a meeting of group leaders will be convened by council president Nuccio Russo, followed by a discussion in the civic assembly. Industry associations have also requested changes and to be able to participate in a meeting.

“It is a necessary and overdue action,” explains Mayor Gullo, “that all municipalities prepare without causing any outcry. Because, it is strange to have to explain this, the failure to collect local taxes generates imbalances, if not actual holes in municipal budgets, which have a heavy impact on economic stability (for example, budget approval) and the ability to provide services to citizens. To all citizens: from private individuals, to economic operators, entrepreneurs, and merchants. It is worth emphasizing, if necessary, that our municipality is still in a precarious economic situation and one of the reasons is precisely this: unpaid tax credits amounting to tens of millions of euros, including public land, waste tax, water supply, and more.”

“The draft regulation approved in the council,” Orto and other minority council group members argue, “is particularly detrimental to our businesses, mainly based on a seasonal economy with provisions, for example, of paltry amounts, unspecified number of installments subject to probable discretion, disproportionate and harmful penalties for the survival of these activities. In addition, the involvement of all categories interested in drawing up and modifying a shared proposal that does not excessively prejudice the existence of these activities is essential and fundamental.”

Industry associations argue: “It is necessary to offer,” propose Angelo Paino of the restaurant association, Maurizio Cipicchia of the AssoImpreseEolie, Alberto Palella of Confesercenti, and Christian Del Bono of Federalberghi, “an important opportunity, within a set deadline to gradually settle their tax debts, saving on interest and collection costs to increase municipal revenue and avoid new disputes and reduce the number of existing ones. And increase the number of installments granted to 72 with the possibility, for subjects facing a proven and serious difficulty, to access 120 installments, in line with what is provided for in the installment plan.”

Lipari, il sindaco Gullo: «Chi non paga i tributi rischia la licenza dell’attività»

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